The Crodoutherapy

A friend for life

With the world of Crodoux, we want to offer to children unique plushies but also create a special bond to comfort them in their moments of stress and strong emotions … a Crodoux is more than a fur ball, it’s a friend for life.

From there was born the Crodoutherapy.
As parents, we were committed to finding solutions to help our children cope with the stresses they can experience on a daily basis. We know that sometimes they may have difficulty falling asleep, concentrating or dealing with the multiple emotions experienced during the day.
That’s why we turned to Isabelle Blot, a seasoned sophrologist, to create audio sessions in order to accompany parents to manage these special moments of everyday life.

Peluche Française ultra douce les Crodoux made in France

We offer to each of Crodoux’s adopters :

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Retour au calme
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A l'heure du coucher

Through the Crodoutherapy, we hope to bring a tool to help children and parents share tender and comforting moments in our world of sweetness. And maybe the grown-ups themselves can take advantage of these sessions to regain calm and sleep? Try, you will be surprised!

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