Made in France

Quality of used materials : we have chosen to opt for high-end materials ensuring a very high level of tactile, visual and composition quality. 

Quality in the manufacturing and finishes: we make a point of honor that all our plushies are made with care, taking the necessary time to achieve a result that gives complete satisfaction and meets a very strict specification.

The French handmade is for us a guarantee of Excellence and Quality that we want to highlight and preserve. Thus, all our soft toys come from our workshop in Isère, respecting the manufacturing processes that we have established for each model. 

Peluche Française ultra douce les Crodoux made in France

The French hand made


Raising awareness and sharing

Forest and its biodiversity

Act concretely

Here again is an aspect that is dear to us. In addition to preserving animals by using synthetic fur, our French forests are very important to us.

That’s why we try to highlight them in our stories by locally implanting our soft toys. We wish to make the youngest aware of the magnificent natural heritage that surrounds them to give them the taste of walks in the forest, observation and respect for nature to instill in them this love of life and a desire to preserve it.

In this purpose, we set up an action to donate 1€ to the National Organization of Forests (ONF in France) on each sale of our plushies. For us it’s a way to contribute to a great cause. 

Peluche Française ultra douce les Crodoux made in France

Our plushies


The world of the Crodoux is a commitment to the nature, confidence and well-being of all .... More than plushies ... It is a gentle and ethical experience.

Peluche Française pour enfants ultra douce les Crodoux made in France

Security - CE certified

One of the essential points of our values: bring peace of mind to parents and for children the assurance that their favorite soft companion does not pose any risk to them.

All our models have therefore been tested in an approved laboratory and have obtained satisfaction in the French standards relating to the regulation of toys: the NF EN 71-3 (safety of toys- Migration of certain elements), the NF EN 71-1 +A1 (Mechanical & physical properties) and NF EN 71-2 +A1 (flammability). Our plushies have gained to be certified in accordance with this regulation, so they are CE certified.

Whether it is the choice of materials, the design of every models or their manufacturing, we are committed to offer soft toys that meet in aesthetics and ergonomics criteria safe for their future owners. 

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